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About Us

           It began, quietly, at home, with an old family recipe of ours that goes back generations, even centuries. We became accustomed to enjoying its versatility on many of our favorite dishes. My Aunt Em was a notable hostess who made a name for this salt along the West coast of Michigan. (“Em Salt”).  As far back as I can remember, this salt blend has been a staple in our kitchen at home. As the years progressed, we started making it in large batches giving some of it to our friends, especially around the Holidays. Often, by the middle of summer, our friends were asking for more of that salt! After much encouragement to bottle and make it available on the open market, we finally became incorporated in 2007, and Galley Salt was born.  Not all of my siblings were keen on the idea of taking this product public, so we change the name of out of respect for them and so Aunt Em could rest in peace.

           Since 2012 we have had the honor and privilege to sell at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. (Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day). There, side-by-side with local farmers and face-to-face with our customers, we have had the opportunity to embrace that ‘farm to table” local produce lifestyle that takes us back to our simple roots. There we received valuable feedback from our customers about exactly what they are looking for in a seasoning, Largely due to their input and suggestions in 2017 we proudly introduced two new spice blends and Galley Spice Co. was born! Our pepper blend was inspired by all those out there who do not want or cannot have salt, but still crave the flavor. We consulted with a couple of professional chefs to help us get the balance between spices and heat just right. The sugar blend goes right back to my Grandma’s cupboard and was inspired by another staple from our family kitchen. This particular Grandma was another regionally known hostess/wife/mother in upstate New Jersey who ran a country kitchen/tea room from her farmhouse in the 1950s.

            The name Galley Spice Co. is a nod to our enjoyment of all things maritime and our Michigan roots. Hopefully, it suggests that even on a ship with a small galley kitchen, these would be the only spices you need to complete all your cooking creations. Their beauty is in their simplicity of a few complementary ingredients that really bring out the flavor of anything you combine them with. One of our three spice blends will enhance your cooking results in almost any dish you may create. Take some home today! 

We wish you good cooking and happy, healthy eating