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Galley Salt

           Our flagship offering, this fine creation of Kosher salt and spices is a classic salt and pepper plus that shines in it’s simplicity and versatility. Originally made famous by my Aunt Em along the West Cost of Michigan, this salt blend goes very well on all meats and fish and as a rub before roasting of grilling, enhancing the flavor of soups, sauces, or use it as a seasoning shake on the table. Galley Salt adds depth to your vegetables, raw or cooked, is terrific on eggs of all kinds, from hard boiled to quiche and also on potatoes, including potato or macaroni salads. Use it anywhere you would normally use salt and pepper for delicious flavor enhancement. Buy Large Now $9.00.        Buy Small Now $5.00

Galley Pepper

           We came up with this product in response to our customers who requested a salt-free alternative. Our pepper blend was conceived through a process consulting with two professional chefs, who helped us custom blend the perfect balance of peppers and spices (8 in total). Galley Pepper also performs well on meats of all kinds, including roasts, stews, and just about anything that goes in the crock pot. Use it to season ground beef, chicken or turkey for an alternative to traditional taco mix, sloppy joes or chili. Galley Pepper also goes well on vegetables, especially hash brown potatoes. Use it anywhere you want to add some interesting flavor and turn up the heat… just enough. South of the border meets the Spice Islands!        Buy Large Now $9.00        Buy Small Now $5.00

Galley Sugar

           This “not just for breakfast” blend was inspired by my Grandma and brings something sweet to the table. Galley Sugar blends raw cane sugar with cinnamon and other spice favorites, like nutmeg and clove, a real  “sugar and spice and everything nice” in one bottle. So very versatile in application, start the day right with our  Galley Sugar on your oatmeal or toast. Fresh fruits like apples, grapefruit, peaches to strawberries go from simple to gourmet. Galley Sugar is a delicious garnish on custards, flan and ice creams. Shake it on your popcorn for made at home kettle-corn (another salt-free alternative!), sprinkle it on crescent rolls before rolling up for easy homemade cinnamon rolls. A flavorful addition to roasted acorn or butternut squash. Even savory meats like bacon coating both sides before frying for a nice sugar glaze, broiled on your ham steak for that at home honey glazed flavor, or char-grilled on a thick sugar steak. Variety is the Spice of Life!      Buy Large Now $9.00        Buy Small Now $5.00