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     Our customers seem to love our products. Below are a few of their comments…

>>>>   This is an awesome product made by a local couple that has been a staple here at 3gooddogs and will be as long as they are in business. This product takes even the best food and makes it better and is a must have in any spice rack. We at 3gooddogs wish them the best of success and the greatest of growth in years to come and are proud to use their product on our little hot dog cart here in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Scott G.

>>>>   We call it the “shake it like you mean it” spice. This is by far my favorite spice blend to use. I put it on just about everything.

Megan S.

>>>>   I love this do it all spice blend! It has become a staple in my kitchen!

Emily D.

>>>>   I use this product and think it is great. You will enjoy Galley salt, try some today.

Brian K.

>>>>   I’m a lousy cook but using Galley spices makes my meals enjoyable. It’s the go to shaker in my kitchen..

Ann W.B

>>>>   I use it on everything! Great combination of salt, pepper and spices.

Sue Z.